The peak power of the engine has placed the motobike in the highest categories of the competitions organized under the aegis of the FIM, the International Motorcycle Federation. Motorcycle races, for electric mopeds with a maximum power of 5 KW.

In E-Enduro or E-Bike Enduro competitions, the riders compete on tracks similar to those of both national and international Enduro GP championship races. The individual races are divided into 3 or 4 laps, each with one or two special stages. Timed gravity tracks, therefore in dowhnill style, alternate with marathon trials less focused on driving and more on management. SEM participates in the Italian Enduro E-Bike Championships, organized by the Italian Motorcycle Federation in collaboration with Off Road Pro Racing. In this championship, made up of six seasonal stages in as many Italian locations, SEM runs in the EX-OPEN category. In the first years of participation in this championship SEM has achieved many successes.

The other championship organized for vehicles in our category is the E-Bike Cross championship. This circuit, also made up of a six-stage calendar, puts the riders side by side on real motocross tracks. In this specialty, the power and balance of the SEM Venom managed to reach every goal, winning both an Italian Championship and a World Cup. In the E-Bike Cross SEM runs in the EX-PROTO category. Unlike the Enduro, the Cross accepts non-homologated vehicles. This has allowed us to compete also at an international level. The competitive results show that the Motobike is not only an excellent electric bicycle for use for trekking, hiking and enduro, but also and above all a competitive vehicle with sensational performance.



Italian E-Bike Cross Champions 2020 - EX PROTO Category


Enduro 2021 Italian E-Bike Champions - EX OPEN Category


2021 E-Bike Cross World Champions - EX PROTO Category


The Venom Motobike is a much loved vehicle among professional riders. Its performances know how to thrill even the most demanding riders. SEM constantly commits a part of its resources to the development of competitive teams. The Motobike is the ideal way to participate in the various electric bicycle, pedelecs and power-bike championships organized in many countries. At any time, if a mtb rider, an enduro or motocross rider, wants to start competing with a SEM Venom, he should contact us first. The SEM Team grows constantly and does so at the incredible pace of the E-Motions.