Venom Red 2.022

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4000 W
of pure power
910 WH
Lithium ion battery
60 +
50 KM


The frame, entirely designed and manufactured by us, has an original design that differs from the classic E-bikes on the market, recalling motorbike shapes especially for the central position of the engine, which provides a structural function as the front and rear swingarm are connected throught it.

This has two main advantages: it considerably reduces the weight of the vehicle, while still providing excellent rigidity, and it lowers the centre of gravity, optimising weight distribution and ensuring stability and handling when tackling and overcoming any obstacle, whether downhill or uphill. The material used is aluminium with parts stamped using cold deformation technology and parts CNC machined.

This model is equipped with a Marzocchi Bomber double crown fork with a stroke of 200 mm front and rear that allows you to tackle any obstacle. Braking is provided by 203 mm disc brakes on both wheels, the 29" front and the 27.5" rear.




The Venom 2.022 is equipped with a brushless self-supporting SEM mid-motor, whose peak absorption is 4 KW. The motor is integrated into the frame through carters machined from billet. This immediately gives the feeling of stability of a motorbike but with the reduced weight and handling of a bicycle.

The MotoBike is equipped with a new control unit, developed entirely by SEM, which makes this electric vehicle the meeting point between bike and motorbike. Thanks to its nine mappings, the latest SEM model offers maximum comfort and performance in just a few clicks.

The "ZERO-OFF" mapping makes the motobike a bicycle. When the first mapping is entered, the Venom turns into an e-bike, through a system of pedal assistance distributed over the next 5 mappings. Starting with setting 4, the possibility of using the throttle grip and pedal assistance simultaneously is added. With the last three settings, the pedal assist is excluded and the Venom becomes a motorbike.



One of the distinguishing features of the Venom 2.022 is its new display. To complement the development of the new control unit, a revised graphical user interface has been introduced. The colour LCD screen, measuring 72.5 x 54.75 mm, contains all the information necessary for riding the bike.

The display shows the remaining battery charge percentage, current speed, trip distance, total distance and the type of mapping used. The new control unit offers a choice of nine different mappings, as well as a "walk" function.

On the screen, the mapping in use is highlighted both by a numbered inscription and a light bar with a chromatic scale. This allows an immediate perception of the type of mapping used. The curve graph around the speedometer indicates instant power used.

The new display is fitted as standard without a protective cover. The Motobike is a high performance electric vehicle and is suitable for racing. For competitive use, a cover is recommended.


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In terms of range, 40 kilometres are guaranteed in any mode of use. With the pedalling assistance function, the regenerative sprocket drive and smooth riding, the maximum distance that can be covered with the motor can be increased significantly. The Motobike is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, with a capacity of 910 Wh. However, should you run out of power, you still have the option of returning home on the pedals!


The Venom 2.022 has a new cover system on the battery pack. These flaps use the same three-point fixing principle with rivets as the previous model. The real novelty is the functional design. On both sides the fins channel air to the battery pack, helping to maintain an optimum temperature. Thanks to their more pronounced shapes, the new covers take over the support function of motorbike fairings. The result is a very attractive appearance for a totally functional style.




The Motobike features a dual chain system that makes the motor independent from the traditional drivetrain. On the right is a classic 11-speed transmission, while on the left is a transmission dedicated to the engine. A feature to highlight is that the pivot of the swingarm is on the same axis as the sprocket of the engine transmission; this allows, without the presence of a tensioner, to mount a chain.

This makes it possible to move forward even without the use of pedalling and thus allows you to tackle any riding situation, even where pedalling is complicated, for example on the most technical climbs, through the narrowest passages or over the most difficult obstacles.

The new pedal-assisted control unit is set up to respond precisely to each mechanical gear change and the power delivered is always fully usable when riding.



Technical data

FEATURES Electric Motobike with double transmission, freewheel pedalling, engine management via pedal assist and throttle grip.
FRAME SEM frame in 6082 T6 aluminum alloy with parts molded with cold deformation technology and CNC machined parts
FRAME SIZE size M, L and XL
MOTOR Central brushless self-supporting motor, integrated into the frame by carters milled from the solid, with maximum power peak of 4.000 W
SUPPORT LEVELS N. 9 PAS (pedal assist systems) through a push-button control:
-PAS 0 : engine off, muscular use only
-PAS 1 - 9 : progressive increase in power through pedal assist and/or throttle
TOP SPEED 60 Km/h *
BATTERY Lithium-ion battery - 52V - 17.5 Ah - 910 Wh
ELECTRIC RECHARGING (220V) 4.5 hours - 58.8V 4A.
AUTONOMY 40 Km - Positive altitude gain 1,500 m *
DISPLAY Motor and battery control function:
- battery charge display
- instantaneous speed
- indication of pass used
- total distance
- partial distance
FORK MARZOCCHI Bomber 58 double crown
SUSPENSIONS 200 mm front and rear travel
DISK BRAKES MAGURA MT5,  hydraulic brakes with 203 mm front and rear disc
ELECTRIC TRANSMISSION Dedicated chain transmission
FRONT TIRE Pirelli - Scorpion 29x2.4 e-MTB S or similar
REAR TIRE Pirelli - Scorpion 27,5x2.6 e-MTB S or similar
TELESCOPIC SEATPOST Excursion of 80/100/125 mm


SEM original tubular wheelstand
This vehicle is not street legal. All SEM MotoBikes are specifically designed for off-road use and for riding in private areas
SEM reserves the right to modify the specifications described here above at any time without notice
* This may vary depending on the rider’s weight, the type of track and the riding technique.